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Welcome to Reception!
Opal Class

General Information
Opal Class Teacher: Mrs Awan
PPA Teacher: Mr Fletcher
Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Holberry and Miss Holberry
PE - Our PE lesson is on a Thursday morning, please label all PE kit and bring it in at the beginning of every term, these will stay in school and be returned at the end of each half term. 
Family Story Time - Please join us at 2.45pm on Fridays for story time.  If you can't make it, please invite grandparents or aunts/uncles. Just a friendly reminder that we do not allow photos to be taken by parents/carers on school premises. 
The doors will be opening at 8:45 and we expect the children to be lined up outside the door like the rest of the school. Please can you say goodbye to your little ones outside and let them come in independently. Please go round to the office if you miss the class lining up in the morning. 
Summer Term 1

2Simple - Please feel free to email any experiences/photos you have with your child to 
If you have any queries, concerns or if you are not receiving emails please speak to Mrs Awan.  
Project - This terms project is 'Are carrots orange?'. The class will enjoy exploring a range of fruits and vegetables, learning how they grow, what on and even what they taste like. We'll be aiming to get some first hand experiences with our food this term. We'll do this by going to Tesco's to buy some of our own fruits and vegetables, growing our own in the garden and hopefully picking some freshly grown ones at a local farm! The children will discuss the importance of a balanced diet, finding out where their food comes from and how it influences it's 'healthiness'. Hopefully the class will be brave enough to try some purple carrots too!  
Maths - This term we will be recapping all the topics in math using an independent approach to see what the children have understood. This will help us target collective areas of learning that we need more practice on, and highlight individual needs of the children. As always, we will be making math practical and fun whenever we can to ensure what we have learnt so far stays with us throughout summer and into Year 1. 
Phonics - Phonics will continue to be streamed throughout the school when your child is ready. We decide this through regular phonics checks to make sure we are not holding any children back, or teaching a phase that a child isn't ready to retain yet. Despite what phase your child might be learning, we are all pushing writing alongside their sounds to ensure we get as many children to a good level of development by the end of the school year. Writing is a tricky skill to learn, especially at 4 and 5, so we would greatly appreciate any practice at home.
Reading - Please read with your child at least three times a week to give them a steady amount of practice to excel their reading. If you could leave a comment in their reading books after you've read with them, we can support where you left off. Once read, ask your child what they have read about and ask questions about the story. It is so important that their reading capabilities match their comprehension skills. Thank you for all the reading you already do at home, we can tell when we read on a Monday morning! 
For some other ideas, Top Mark and Phonics Play are great sites for you children to play games whilst learning simultaneously. 
A recommended app to use at home for all areas of learning is WorldSchool, download from the App store. 
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