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At Dedworth Green we strive to give our pupils high quality and engaging PE sessions. We provide a variety of sport skills and team games to develop our pupils control, strength, balance, coordination and team work.
We are able to have sport coaches who support teachers in high quality PE sessions. The pupils really enjoy having this and being a part of the Windsor sport partnership gives us the opportunity to enter lots of competitions around Windsor alongside different schools including competitions with the Sainsbury's school games- which we are very proud to be a part of. We are currently a gold award school.
Please find the link to the school games website below for more information
There are also lots of clubs for your child in Berkshire, click non the link below to find some of them out!
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Below is our PE sport spend
Sports Spend 17-18            
Windsor Sports College SLA including 90 hours of coaching & competitions            5,000
PE Kit for children with no kit         100
Outdoor gym equipment (6 pieces)         7162
CCTV camera to cover gym equipment       380
Netball and Basketball hoops         157
PE equipment (Sports Directory)         330
PE equipment (TTS)                          237
HF - time attending PLT meetings       353
Total                    13,719
PE Support Grant            
Received Nov 2017                    10,280
Received May 2018                      7,200
Remaining grant to spend                    3,761
Sports Spend 18-19            
Windsor Sports College SLA including 90 hours of coaching & competitions            6,000
Windsor Sports College - Active Me club                      700
Replacement Bridge for climing frame (Playscene)     1369
Cost of removing Train from playground to clear ground for new PE equipment 400
HF - time attending PLT meetings        
PE equipment (Sports Directory)         190
PE equipment (TTS)           994
Lunchtime PE equipment         213
Diesel for minibus to Sports events         30
Sports Directory equipment (Mar 19)                  1,638
Total                    11,534
PE Support Grant            
Received Nov                    10,098
Expected April                      7,000
Remaining grant to spend                    9,325
Upcoming events:
Year 3 Ultimate Frisbee
Year 4 Olympic event
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