Sunshine Room

Welcome to the Sunshine Room!
Nurture Manager: Mrs Vickers
Nurture Teaching Assistants : Miss Robertson, Miss Holberry & Miss Davies

The Sunshine Room has been developed to support a small group of children in their personal, social, emotional and behavioural development in order to help them to access the classroom more easily. Our lovely, homely space is a combination of a living room and classroom (see photos) so that it is a relaxing and safe place where the children enjoy spending time.
We received the Quality Mark Award for our Nurture provision in September 2017 we are the only School in RBWM to have received this award and are very proud that our provision has been recognised by Nurture UK for our excellent practice.
The six principles of Nurture are:
  • Children's learning is understood developmentally
  • The importance of nurture for Well being
  • All behaviour is communication
  • The classroom offers a safe base
  • Language is a vital means of communication
  • The importance of transition in children's lives
Next term we are applying for the National Nurturing Schools Award which will show that not only do we have a high quality Nurture provision but also that the whole School adheres to and practices the Nurture principles across the whole School.

We run our Reception / Year 1 sessions four afternoons a week  to ensure that our children don't miss out on their daily Maths and Literacy lessons.We also run 2 Nursery Sessions on a Monday and Wednesday morning and a KS 2 group on a Tuesday and Thursday morning after their Numeracy and Literacy lessons. Our activities include speaking and listening skills, positive social interaction, encouraging and recognising good behaviour, increasing concentration levels, raising the children's confidence and self esteem, personal development through play and reinforcing learning through activities such as cooking, gardening, art, role play and circle time. We also have a daily snack in our small kitchen area and sit as a family around the table, children volunteer for responsibilities such as laying the table,tidying away and washing and drying up.

Once a term we meet with parents, this can be for an informal meeting to discuss progress, tea and cakes made by the children the day before or an exciting themed  activity such as decorating masks and an Easter Egg hunt.

Many other children (and adults!) find their way into The Sunshine Room during the course of the week. Each child from Years 1 - 4 has the opportunity, if they wish, to spend a nurturing lunchtime session with Mrs Vickers, Miss Robertson and Miss Holberry playing games, dressing up, making models or doing some art and craft. Adults are also assured a warm welcome whether it's just for a chat and a cup of tea or, if they need some extra support, there is always a biscuit or even chocolate to hand!!!
Members of The Sunshine Team are available at the beginning and end of each day or, if you prefer, phone the School Office and you can make a specific appointment to see any of us.