Year 1 - Ruby

Welcome to Year 1
Ruby Class
Ruby Class staff are:
Teacher: Miss Richardson
Teaching Assistants: Miss Stephen and Miss Parfitt
Monday afternoon cover: Miss Stephen
Handwriting: Mrs Ripley
Our project: Superheroes
Spring 1  
Our project this term is 'Superheros', the class are extremely excited for our new project! We'll be active, showing off our superhero moves and abilities gymnastic P.E lessons. We'll also be writing about our powers in English by creating fact files, comic strips, letters and stories! Year 1 are going to try some super foods in science, looking at healthy diets and how to keep our planet healthy too! The super doesn't stop there as we'll be discovering real life historic heroes such as Florence Nightingale, Thomas Fowell Buxton and more. Ruby class will compare these historical heroes to the real emergency service teams we have that 'rescue' people today. Lastly year 1 will be using their super math brains to tackle addition, subtraction, weight, early multiplication and more! You've got your work cut out for you this term heroes, lets hope no villains turn up! 



Your child will be given a reading book, a phonics reading book and a reading diary.  They will need to keep these in their book bags to bring into school every day.  Please listen to your child read at LEAST three times a week and ask them questions about the text to check their understanding.  If the book has been read, and you have made a note in the reading record, a new book will be given if the school thinks they are ready as well. It is also very important that you read stories to your child as well to develop their vocabulary and imagination. Thank you for your support at home! 

Join us for Family Story on Fridays at 2.45pm - 3.00pm. We look forward to seeing you.

Spelling and homework grids for Spring 1 will be going out before Christmas so please keep them safe and complete both tasks for the first week back. It will say on your homework pack how many spellings we expect your children to learn, if it has no comments then please learn all 10. Week 1 spellings will be tested on the first Thursday back.

The whole term's spellings will be attached so please keep safe and learn the relevant weeks spellings with your children. Please encourage your children to practice some of their spellings every day. Spellings tests are now every Thursday, please make sure spelling books are returned before then.  



Homework grids are given out each term. Each child needs to complete four pieces from the grid, one from each row, by the end of term. Please return homework books to school every Monday so that they can be marked and returned home on Wednesday's.  



This term PE will be on a Monday and Wednesday. PE kits are to be kept in school in case a change of clothes is ever required or a special PE activity occurs. Thank you for ensuring your child's PE kit is clearly named. 

Please feel welcome to come and talk to your class teacher after school to arrange a meeting if you have any questions or queries.

There is a national phonics screening test at the end of Year 1. To help your child meet the pass mark please have a look at this presentation and practice the resources below. It will make a massive impact on your child's reading abilities! Thank you for practicing at home! 
Phonics Play Link:
Username: Dedworth1 
RMeasimaths subscription has ran out with the school, instead we have subscribed to a times tables site, Rock Star Maths please visit the website to have a play! 
Look Out Discovery Centre Trip