Year 1 - Ruby

Welcome to Year 1
Ruby Class
Ruby Class staff are:
Teacher: Miss Palmer
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Moore, Mr Fletcher and Mrs Holberry 
PPA Cover Teacher: Mr Fletcher 
Our project: Memory Box
Autumn 1   
Our project this term is 'Memory Box'. It is all about our memories of our own pasts, and learning how we have changed!
We'll be covering a range of fictional and non-fictional writing. We will be learning about how we have grown and changed and grown since we were babies. We'll be remembering our favourite memories from when we were younger and the different family celebrations!
This term will start off with us learning about place value in maths. We will be counting up to 20 in 1s, and then moving on to counting to 100 in 1s and 10s, and then looking at 1 more and less. 
Project lessons cover learning more about our memories and how things have changed throughout history. We will look at how our childhood was different to those in the past! We will be learning about how mnemonics and nursery rhymes help us with our memory!
We've got lots planned for Autumn 1! 



Your child will be given a reading book, a phonics reading book and a reading diary.  They will need to keep these in their book bags to bring into school every day.  Please listen to your child read at LEAST three times a week and ask them questions about the text to check their understanding.  If the book has been read, and you have made a note in the reading record, a new book will be given if the school thinks they are ready as well. It is also very important that you read stories to your child to develop their vocabulary and imagination. 


In Year 1 we have daily guided reading lessons, even if your child has not read their home reading books with us they have read with an adult which is marked in their books. Therefore, we aim to read their home reading books and change them if necessary on a Friday. It is even more important for you to listen to your child read their home reading book now they read other texts during the school day. Thank you for your support. 


Spellings will begin on Monday 21st September to be tested the following Monday. The spellings for the whole half term will be released and will say which ones are being tested this week! 

If you need a paper copy please let us know! 




Homework will begin on Monday 21st September and will be due the following Monday. 

If you require paper copies please let us know! Paper copies cannot be brought back into school, so please send a photo in to the office to show it has been done!



This term PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please bring your child to school in their PE kits as they will wear their kits all day. 

Please feel welcome to come and talk to your class teacher after school to arrange a meeting if you have any questions or queries.

There is a national phonics screening test at the end of Year 1. To help your child meet the pass mark please have a look at this presentation and practice the resources below. It will make a massive impact on your child's reading abilities! Thank you for practicing at home! 
Phonics Play Link:
Username: Dedworth1 
RMeasimaths subscription has ran out with the school, instead we have subscribed to a times tables site, Rock Star Maths please visit the website to have a play!