Year 2 - Sapphire

 Hello and welcome to Sapphire class.
Your teachers this year are: Miss Foulkes, Mrs Ball and Miss Parfitt.
I hope you have all had a wonderful time during your Christmas Holidays.
Our topic for this term this year is Muck, Mess and Mixtures.

We are looking at all things messy and wonderful!
Let’s get messy! Dive in and get your hands and feet mucky. This topic focuses on Art and Design, DT and Science.
As artists and designers we will • develop art techniques—mixed media, colour mixing. • use marbling paints • create our own chocolate land • learn about famous artists such as Carl Warner and his ‘food landscapes’ • manipulate malleable materials • look at Andy Goldsworthy and natural art • draw self portraits • find out about similarities and differences in shape, colour and subject matter • investigate Jackson Pollock and splatter art.
Don't forget to keep practising your Rock Star Maths at home!