Year 2 - Sapphire

 Hello and welcome to Sapphire class.
Your teachers this year are: Miss Foulkes, Mrs Ball and Miss Parfitt.
I hope you have all had a wonderful time during your summer holidays and managed to get out for lots of activities.
Our topic for our first term this year is Beat, Band and Boogie.

Here comes the marching band. Left, right, left, right. Step in time to the beat: 1, 2, 3, 4; let's make sounds, high and low. That sound is loud. That one’s quiet. What can you hear? There are sounds all around. What’s making each one? Name all the instruments in the band and be part of a ‘body orchestra’. Pat your knees, clap your hands, tap your feet, let’s move to the beat. Now march up the hill with the Grand Old Duke of York, beating your drum or shaking your shaker. Then it’s time to perform. Your audience loves you, so let’s take a bow
Don't forget to keep practising your Rock Star Maths at home!