Year 4 - Cobalt

Welcome to Year Four! We are also known as 'Cobalt Class' or 'Top of the School!'
Teacher: Mrs Barry
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gatehouse and Miss Agacy 
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Spring 1
Welcome back! I hope you have had a fantastic Christmas! Our topic for this term will be 'Potions' which will involve the children learning about the history of medicines, myths on wizards and witches as well as creating some of their own experiments. In Literacy the children will be writing instructions on how to create potions as well as reading and acting out play scripts on stories such as Romeo and Juliet. In Maths we will be working on place value, multiplication and division and decimals and fractions. In Science our focus this term is 'States of Matter' where the children will be looking at the characteristics of solids, liquids and gasses and how we categorise these. In PSHE we will focus on friendships, how to keep safe online and on the road as well as respect for others. The children will be researching the history of medicines and the introduction of anaesthetic. In art we will be designing potion bottles and comparing a variety of artists.For music and drama we will be continuing to sing with Mr Manwaring. 
Our P.E. lessons are on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Please ensure that P.E. kits are in on both of these days. Most P.E. kits will not need washing weekly and plimsolls are sometimes needed at other points during the week, so please leave all P.E. kits at school for the term.
Your child’s homework will be given out on a Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday when the homework will be marked. A spellings and times table test will be on a Friday morning. Please encourage your child to learn their spellings by using the read-cover-write-check system.
Your child will be given a reading book and reading diary. They will need to keep their reading diary and book in their book bags to bring to school every day so that we can read. If your child's reading book is not in school regularly, I will keep the book at school. I would encourage you to read with your child as often as possible as this also helps to improve your child’s spelling and writing. Please sign your child’s reading diary as we award house points for every time your child reads at home.

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