Year 4 - Cobalt

Welcome to Year Four! We are also known as Cobalt Class.

Teacher: Miss Richardson

Student Teacher: Mr King 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Middleton and Miss Agacy


Thank you for regularly washing your hands and staying in your key stage bubbles at school to improve school hygiene. Here are some of the things we will be learning in Spring 2.


Our project this term is 'Potions'. We will be learning about potions influence in classic stories and plays such as 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Romeo and Juliet'. Cobalt class will enjoy another scientific project learning about states of matter and how particles change within them during a range of experiments. When discovering solids, liquids and gasses, we'll be using them to create a range of art and D.T pieces. Year 4 will be researching the use of historical medicine and potions and how they have influenced our lives today. It is going to be a great project! 



To tie in with our new project, the class will firstly be writing instructions, using time conjunctions to structure their work. Later in term we'll be writing persuasive letters, play scripts, using colons and brackets to show the correct structure, poetry and non-chronological reports. We have written in some of these forms before, so we will be practicing our editing skills to advance our writing onto a Year 4 level. As a class we have been working hard to include complex vocabulary, conjunctions, openers and more advanced punctuation to elevate our writing. 



Over the term we will be covering  place value, decimals and negative numbers; multiplication and division; time, timetables and co-ordinates; measurement and data. We will be learning new methods and recapping previous knowledge to build on these topics and deepen our understanding to apply them at a Year 4 standard. If you want to practice any of these topics at home, you can find related Maths games on BBC Bitesize that would be useful.




P.E is on a Monday and Thursday afternoon. Please come to school dressed in your P.E kit. You will need your green DGFS top, black or blue shorts and plimsolls/trainers. I would advise wearing black or blue tracksuit bottoms and tops/school jumpers, as P.E will be taught outside unless it is raining. 



Your homework will be submitted online to prevent contamination by bringing books to and from school. The homework grid is attached to the bottom of the class page and you can choose a weekly task to complete. Homework is to be uploaded before every Friday and will be marked/given feedback online the following week. Thank you for supporting learning at home.  



In school we read daily, as a class during guided reading, and when reading our individual reading record books to an adult. To help your child's reading progression please read at home for an additional 10- 15 minute, despite books not coming home. This gives you the flexibility to read anything that interests your child, whether it is their favourite book, something online or magazines etc. While you can't take books home read from here:


Spelling and Cracking Times Tables 

Spellings are also on our class page below. Please practice your spellings for Wednesday tests. Words come from the national curriculum for Year 4. We appreciate children will have different confidence levels, so we have differentiated them accordingly. Children will now complete their spelling tests on a separate piece of paper due to many requests asking for the spellings to come home, so you can see which to continue working on. Spellings will be marked as soon as possible and sent home, thank you for being involved with your child's phonetic progress. 

Cracking Times Table tests take place every Wednesday. So, make sure to use the TT Rock Star app at home to practice!  


Thank you for your support at home and in school, we know there have been a lot of changes, but the adults and children are adapting fantastically! Any questions or concerns please call or email the school office and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 


If you completed Spring 1's spellings over lock down your child will be learning Spring 2 spellings. Otherwise learn the Spring 1 spellings so we don't skip and fundamental skills.