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Welcome to Reception

Class Teacher: Mrs N Awan

Teaching Assistant: Miss G Holberry


Welcome to all our friends in Reception :)


Please ensure that you check all messages on the Marvellous Me app as these are often sent directly from Mrs Awan and contain important information and reminders. If you are unsure of how to download the app or activate your personal MME account, please email the school office so we can give you an activation code.


When you come to school, please remember to bring:


  • your smile
  • a named bottle of water that can be taken home to be cleaned and refilled every day 
  • your coat (on colder days)
  • a packed lunch if you choose to have one 


PE - Every class will have allocated PE time in the hall.

Reception will have PE every Friday. EYFS children should now be wearing their PE kits as their everyday EYFS uniform so will not need to get changed for PE at school.


Please be prompt at the start of the day at 8.45am when your teachers will greet you at the door. Please hang up your things, tell the teacher your lunch choices and then come and join us in the class for your daily carpet challenge.

If you're running late, please press the buzzer on the gate and one of us will come out to meet your child.


Spring Term 1

Please feel free to email any experiences/photos you have with your child to or directly to Mrs Awan on 


If you have any queries, concerns or if you are not receiving emails please call the school office and let us know.


Topic - 

This half term we are exploring the theme fairytales as we look at familiar traditional rhymes and fairy tales to support and extend your child’s vocabulary.

Children will develop their awareness of how stories are created and extend their vocabulary as we engage in lots of role play, retelling stories using puppets or props and even making up our own stories using our indoor and outdoor environments.

Towards the end of the half term, we will also broaden our awareness of the world as we learn about Chinese New Year and Valentines Day. We are also planning to have a Royal Ball where Nursery & Reception can dress up in their royal party wear for a day of fun, but this will be confirmed closer to the time in case of social distancing restrictions. 


Maths - We will develop our thinking about numbers and shapes as we explore activities and experiences linked to counting, matching, recognising numbers, sorting, early addition, pattern, and language linked to size, weight and measuring.


Our focus activities this half term are...

  • counting objects and matching these to numicon and number cards
  • continuing to develop our number recognition
  • exploring number bonds - different ways to make 10 using objects, our fingers and number frames

Maths is included in various forms in all our role play areas and also as children explore other resources such as construction toys. 


Phonics - We have been exploring letters and sounds using the 'Read Write Inc.' letter shapes and successfully supporting this learning using cued articulation signs.

These inputs are taught directly (whole class/ability groups) and then supported with many linked activities in and around the learning spaces. 

We begin with single letters and the sounds they make as we explore range of multisensory activities.


All children should now be familiar with the phase 2 letters and the sounds they make and we will be practising forming these letters and writing some words using different materials. 



We link all our learning to key stories which help to develop ideas linked to the themes we are exploring. This half term, some of our focus stories are...

Jack & the Beanstalk                   Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Gingerbread Man                 Rapunzel

Little Red Riding Hood               Aladdin

The Three Little Pigs                   Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty…

and more!


Early reading skills focus on how children can listen attentively, showing they understand the meaning of the text and how they recall and retell parts of the story in their own words.


This half term, we will start to send home simple books to share and retell together - some of these books will be without words as we encourage your child to use the vocabulary they already have to describe what they can see in the pictures, other books may have a few simple, repeated words that children can begin to decode using their developing phonic knowledge. 


We also use puppets and story props (such as costumes, character blocks and objects from the story) to support your child's imaginative play as they recall and extend the language they have heard.


For some other ideas, Top Marks and Phonics Play are great sites for you children to play games whilst learning simultaneously.